Movie review: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

29. 05. 2017

Since the release of the first Guardians of the Galaxy me and the team here at Europosters, have been anxious to see the sequel. Last night was the moment that I finally saw the second film and my dear friends, please take a seat, because I am about to offer you the review of one of Marvel’s best movies, so far. Please be aware though that this blog post will contain some minor spoilers!

The Plot

As the trailer specified, the team of misfits are going to save the Galaxy from a big threat. On the way we get to see a lot of beautiful space battles, a lot of enemies made by hilarious reasons, and a Baby Groot that is way too adorable to be voiced by the badass Vin Diesel. The script writing was creative, filled with new jokes and a lot of ways to parody the super-hero movie clichés.

The Characters

Here, the nerdy kid that has been hiding inside me, was the most satisfied. The movie digged deeper on each of the character’s backstories. We learned more about Star Lord’s attachments, Gamora’s family issues, Rocket’s emotional drama and Drax’s horrific past. By the way, I loved how they approached the Drax character. Bautista was hilarious. Who says that former wrestlers can’t be funny.

The Environment

I’ve always followed a rule since my childhood, that space is cool. I saw the movie in full 3 D and the planets, the fauna and flora, the alien species designs were breathtaking. Ow, and the lasers flying everywhere were cool also. Also, the visual effects would be nothing without the new sounds of the Awesome Mix Vol. 2, which will definitely be in my new playlist.

Easter Eggs

Well, if you haven’t followed the backstory of the comic books, these wouldn’t be that amazing. But, there were so many Easter eggs. We saw Howard the Duck, the Watchers, Stan Lee doing his cameos and characters that will be in the upcoming Thor movie.

The movie gets a solid 9 out of 10 from my point of view. It is a great movie that is worth watching, even if you are not a Marvel fan. There are amazing visuals and effects, good characters, a solid plot and a good strategy for non-Guardians fans to get familiarized with the characters. So if anybody is up to watch the movie again with me, let me know. “And no matter how tough life gets, just remember that… We are Groot!

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