Contest: Find Harry Potter’s Lost Sorcerer’s Stone

04. 10. 2016

We have a wonderful new contest for you! You can win 30% off our Harry Potter items! Be careful because you’ll be heading out on an adventure! Harry Potter informed us that the Sorcerer’s Stone is hidden somewhere on our website. Will you be able to find it?

Harry Potter – Hogwarts Flag and Gryffindor Flag Poster

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Our site has recently transformed into the Marauder’s Map. Our site doesn’t show the footsteps of certain people, but instead we can find valuable tips that’ll lead to the lost Sorcerer’s Stone. You’ll find hidden clues throughout the descriptions of certain Harry Potter items.

Where should you begin the journey?

The last time we saw the stone, it was hidden in the Gryffindor travel mug, but it has mysteriously  disappeared… Maybe you’ll find a tip there (*hint, hint*).

Once you find the Sorcerer’s Stone, there are a few more steps to take towards your final victory! The Stone hides a secret contest question and a mysterious e-mail where you must send the answer to in order to win!

Be aware that the Marauder’s Map clues will disappear from our website on 20.10!

Good luck!


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