Goods and services

Goods and services

What's the difference between a poster, a reproduction and photography?

Typically, poster is printed on paper with lower weight, so it is easily rolled and wrapped in protective foil. Thanks to used technology of print and surface treatment they are suitable for decoration without any further modification so it is thicker and often provides more texture. Generally, there are posters of famous celebrities, music bands and singers or themes of just showing movies.

Art prints-reproductions and photography are printed on high grade, thicker paper with high quality print technology and provide more texture. There different themes available, mainly authentic reproduction of original from real artists or tear apart the prints. Cause of slightly higher price of reproduction, it is not recommended as plain decoration therefore we advice you to take advantage of our service available – framing.

What if I can not find certain poster I'm looking for?

Be sure to review the section: Finding a Product. Try to define your request differently or use shorter or more general key word for searching. If you still cannot find what you are looking for, try to search through each categories the theme could be related to.

How can find out you have added a posters I was looking for?

Become a member of Europosters Club. Our team will send you information about new products in our catalog.

Can I get certain posters or prints I find on your site framed?

Yes, for all our products (posters, art prints and photography) on offer you can use available high quality framing. Framed reproduction emotionalize your feelings. During the framing we apply special technology of laminating. Instead of glass we apply foil with fine pattern of canvas which protects from stains, fingerprints, solar radiation and eliminate undesired reflection.

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