Why you should get your prints framed?

Usually, by framing any picture you will get real painting, enhance the value, attractiveness and emotions of your interior. Framing breathe in the life into the picture, you create the real art work from it and moreover it will protect picture from the damage, fingerprints, impacts from surrounding environment and you prolong the lifetime of the product.

Is framing on Europosters more beneficial then framing in any other shop?

You can do shopping 24/7 on Europosters. Most likely our service - framing is faster then similar service in the stone shops, still with the same quality. The quality of your shipment is our priority and the materials we use to package our products reflect our commitment. Products are packed and protected in durable cardboard boxes. Rest assured, if your order contains a combination of these items, they will ship separately in the appropriate packaging, and it will be shipped right at your door. On our web page you can choose Framing studio where you can try, how your picture will exactly look like, including the option to match with the color of your wall. Do not forget that in case you use this service you do not take care of shipment and packaging, for all this activity will be taken care by our specialized team.

What is the sequence of framing? Which materials are used?

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Laminating is revolutionary solution in the process of framing. Transparent laminating foil with fine texture of canvas, we use instead of glass, protects prints, posters or photography from stains, fingerprints, solar radiation and eliminates undesirable reflection. Thanks to technology of gluing we assure you the picture will nit ripple throughout the time, nice smooth surface is created.

Procedure and advantage of laminating:
- Picture is glued on back side of MDF board, with the help of vacuum machine all air is sucked out. It cause the picture perfectly adheres to the surface. After that picture goes into other machine where is applied foil with fine texture of canvas.
- Laminating foil protects prints, posters or photography from stains, fingerprints, solar radiation and eliminate undesirable reflection, you will not get common effect of reflection as with other products.
- Due to gluing picture on back side, it is impossible picture will get any sort of ripples or waves on the surface.
- Another big advantage is durability and safety of products – if accident happens and picture falls on the floor we assure you there is no threat of breaking, there will be no broken glass etc.
- - Next step on glues and laminated posters on the MDF board is framing. There is wooden or plastic frame available.

Wooden frames are made from very high standard of Italian wood. You can choose from exotic soft wood AYOUS, hard exotic wood RAMIN or we offer spruce and pine frames. We offer about 35 kinds of wooden frames. „Slim“ frames from plastic gives posters very trendy look. It is becoming one of desired service for our customers. We offer plastic frames in the following colors: blue, red, black, bright silver, vague silver, white and gold. Plastic frame is 24 mm high and 12 mm wide.

What kind of frame I should choose?

You can not say which frame is the best looking. Always is necessary to consider frame and picture together, how they combine and where you place the framed picture then. Therefore we suggest you use the Framing studio you will find your original frame. Generally, if you choose fashionable plastic frame for posters and photography you can get wrong. On the contrary for reproduction is the best combination with wooden frames.

How much the framing costs ?

Europosters is committed to the lowest price possible and 100% customers satisfaction . Therefore we try to offer the lowest price possible on the market. Exact sum for framing depends on the type of frame and its measurement. Price for frame we state at each kink of frames.

How long the framing takes?

Basically, usual time needed for framing is about 4-7 working days. Total time of shipment is then this time needed for framing plus time needed for delivery of picture. To our highest customers satisfaction we try to have all products offered on web page in stock.

How do I mount frame on the wall?

If the thickness of frame allows us, we drill the holes for mounting in there. In any other cases the mount is braced in the back of the picture.
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