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Manhattan - night and moon Poster, Art Print

night and moon

158×53 cm
New York - window Poster, Art Print

New York

91,5×61 cm
New York - Manhattan black Poster, Art Print

New York
Manhattan black

158×53 cm
Lunch on a skyscraper Poster, Art Print

Lunch on a skyscraper

91,5×61 cm

New York - Brooklyn Bridge detail (B&W) Mounted Art Print

Mounted Art Print: 120 × 40 cm
3x (40x40)  cm
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Picture is printed on high quality paper, which is tensioned on a 2 cm thick wooden desk. Desk is not visible from both sides. On the back are fixed 2 metal clips, which serves for hanging the picture on the wall. The whole picture has elegant 3D impression.

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Mounted Art Print - Illustrative photo

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